01 Dec 2021
Managing Director
Tutor Doctor. London, UK -

Managing Director

You have reached the pinnacle of your career – or have you?  Having built up a great career so far we often find that certain individuals reach the point where they have a great job but really what they want is autonomy and control.  The only way to really do that is to go out and do something on your own – independently. 

Our client, Tutor Doctor the #1 worldwide educational system for children, have helped many people take that step into independence and freedom.  Away from the corporate quagmire into a brave new world where you call the shots and the risk/reward balance is in your favour.  Gain that work-life balance becomes important and for many that is the tipping point on why they have joined our client as part of their international network of over 450 business partners.


The role

  • Business owner – running your own business.

  • Sales focused but customer centric – it’s all about changing lives by educating children

  • Build a network – independence doesn’t mean isolation

The rewards

  • Predictable income based on your effort

  • Prestige and prominence in your business community

  • Protecting and developing young students

  • Balanced lifestyle

The person

  • Senior management experience – ideally corporate or consulting

  • Persuasive communicator

  • Seeks a challenge

  • Demonstrable record of career success

  • Passionate about educating children

About Us

Voted number 1 in home tutoring worldwide by Entrepreneur Magazine, and consistently winning Child’s Magazine’s Parents Choice Awards - Tutor Doctor continually build on their successful business model year on year.  In the UK the private tutoring market is worth £6billion, estimated to grow worldwide to $128billion.  Tutor Doctor have been developing their system helping over 200,000 students – this is the fastest growing ‘recognised’ education franchise in the UK.

Next Steps

To receive a detailed information pack to help you see if this opportunity is right for you please follow the link.  The personal investment required is £30k supported with additional bank funding to get your business started in as little as 60 days.  We look forward to hearing from you and we assure you we will be back in touch.

Posted on: 2021-03-08
Expires: 2021-12-01