15 Jan 2021
Catering Manager - Food Services
Jimmy John's. Cleveland OH - USA

Love People  Jimmy Johns franchisee is Expanding their  Catering Service

Jimmy Johns is the famous sub sandwich restaurant chain known for super fast service and delicious fresh sandwiches. They are currently expanding their  catering service to businesses and organizations all over Cleveland.

They are looking for a focused, hard working person who can deliver FREE sandwiches to businesses, then talk with them about ordering our catering service.

It's a fun job 9 am to 2pm or later Monday through Friday. This can be your perfect part-time position, or an exciting and promising entry into restaurant marketing for a famous brand.

You will be building relationships with the community and businesses by making fresh sandwiches and giving them away to potential customers throughout our Cleveland delivery area.

Posted on: 2020-08-17
Expires: 2021-08-17