01 Dec 2021
Health Care Assistant/ Support Worker
Integral Focus. -

Reports To:Office Manager 

The Support Worker will support individual users to live as independently as possible within the community. 


Principal Activities 

Support Workers support service users in maintaining their own personal health, social, therapeutic, and domestic care. 


Areas of support will be as follows: 

Personal Care - supporting the client, with privacy and dignity, to: 

  • Wash his/her body and hair 

  • Dress 

  • Use the toilet 

  • Eat and Drink 

  • Maintain personal grooming 

  • Prepare meals, taking into account any special dietary needs 

  • Empty Commode 

Health Care - to work alongside other professionals in assisting the service user with: 

  • Catheter care/Continence 

  • Stoma care 

  • Ointments — with authorisation letter only (speak to office) 

  • Eye drops — p b with authorisation letter only (speak to office) 

  • Prompts for medication 

  • Care and observation of pressure areas 

  • Bowel Care 

Therapeutic Care - under the supervision of designated therapists assisting the service user with: 

  • Maintenance of mobility 

  • Maintenance of daily living/functional skills 

  • Other therapeutic care as agreed 


Domestic Care — to work with the service user to maintain their physical environment. Tasks may include: 

  • Laundry- washing and ironing 

  • Cleaning areas of the home 

  • Lighting/turning on fire 

  • Checking household security 

  • Collecting pensions/benefits and prescriptions 

  • Providing information 

  • Conversation and listening 

  • Emotional support — befriending 

  • Promoting local networks of support — links with family and friends 

  • Assisting with recreational/social activities as part of the care plan 

  • Letter writing 

  • Advocacy 

  • Support in hospital, hospice, day care or residential setting 


Social care — supporting the service user to create and maintain relationships and activities within their local community. Tasks involved may include: 


All of the above activities are governed by the operational policies, standing financial instructions, policies and procedures and standards of care as well as legislation and professional standards and guidelines. 

Other duties/responsibilities 

As a term of your employment with Integral Focus Support and Care Services, you can be required to undertake such other duties commensurate with your grade and/or hours of work at your initial place of work or at any other establishments, as may be reasonably required of you. 

Posted on: 2020-07-31
Expires: 2021-12-01