16 Jan 2021
A hospital in the North-West of Ireland requires a Consultant doctor in Emergency Medicine.
Bologna Health Jobs. Co. Dublin - Ireland

General Description:

Emergency Department (ED) at the hospital is the most North-Westerly in the Republic, but one of most progressive in the country.

Department has two Consultants in Emergency Medicine:

ED won 50% of the Hospital's Higher Level Awards in the recent 2006 Accreditation Process by ISQHA.

ED is the test bed for multiple innovative systems such as: Omnicell Secure Pharmacy Drug Dispensing unit: On line Radiology Ordering (RIS) and Picture Archiving Computer System (PACS): On line NCHD Guidance (FileShare): On line Near Patient Mini-Lab: On line NCHD Rostering: IPMS Patient Administration System (First Line): Saadian Major Incident Alert System: Bariatric Patient Management System (Arjo) etc.

ED serves  140,000 indigenous population (Census) which increases significantly during holiday seasons. There is 24 hour Medical coverage at SHO level with Registrars physically present 22/24 hours 7 days per week. Rostering is evidence based upon attendance patterns.

Senior Nursing staff (CNM2 Shift Leaders) are present 24/7 as are Receptionist/Clerical and Records Staff.

Extended roles undertaken by Nursing colleagues include Manchester Triage, Casting, Venepuncture and Cannulation. Nurse led Radiology (CXR) has been used for a number of years and an Advanced Nurse Practitioner is in place.

Annual attendance 36,000 with a low proportion of "Reviews" (1,500 in 2007). Consultant delivered Trauma Clinics run Monday to Friday.

Available to these patients are the in house teams in Diagnostic Imaging, Medicine, Surgery, Orthopaedics, Paediatrics, Psychiatry and Obstetrics/Gynaecology as well as Laboratory and Blood Bank.

Admission rate relatively high at 29%, explained as ED used as site of "Virtual Medical Admissions Unit" by the Medical Team admitting GP referred unwell patients

Physical infrastructure small (275 metres squared, 2 Resusc bays, 3 Trolley places, 3 Plinth areas) awaiting construction of new ED on green field site on campus, 2009.

Work load varied including 28% Children, 48% pre screened by GPs, high proportion of Trauma.

Challenges include space issue and access to in house beds, largely overcome by team work, effective bed management and proactive process management.

Multidisciplinary Emergency Medicine training in house 5 to 7 hours per week. ED is a registered ALSG Centre for on site APLS/PLS and MIMMS. ACLS is run in the adjacent CNME.

Regionally there is ATLS, APLS and MIMMS access with National input to UCD, Mater Hospital , HMIMMS, RCSI ATLS and RCPI MedicALS.

ED is referenced extensively in Tribal Secta and Emergency Department Task Force reports.

Current Medical staffing includes two Consultants in Emergency Medicine supported by 4 Registrars. SHO posts are recognised for Professional Training and 2 SHO posts rotate through the local highly regarded GPVTS while 6 SHO are part of IRSP/BST scheme at RCSI.

Recent Journal publications include Child Protection issues (EMJ) and Fibrinolysis Fast Track use (IJMS). Procedures for Fibrinolysis in CVA are in evolution.

Clinical interests include Trauma Prevention (Childhood Trauma prevention , Motor Vehicle Safety and Alcohol Use).



  • Initial commitment for a at least 6 months.

  • 95€/ hour rate (same rate for on-calls).

Requirements and Qualifications:

  • Should be on the Specialist registrar of the Irish Medical Council for Emergency Medicine if this is NOT the case we will help all eligible candidates to get registered with the Irish Medical Council on the Specialist Registrar if he/she has completed his training in Emergency Medicine inside the European Union. Please take into account that the process can take up to 3-4 months in total.


  •   Have a very good command of written and spoken English.


  •   Good motivation to go to Ireland to work as a doctor ASAP.

       4.   At least 5-6 years experience in Emergency Medicine is required (including your training years). 

       5.  Irish/UK Experience is preferable although NOT essential for this post.

       6. EU Citizenship is prefered.

All candidates who are interested should send a detailed CV in English ASAP. Extra and more precise information on the job places will be given once we receive the CVs.


Posted on: 2020-06-27
Expires: 2021-06-30